Spoken English Learned Quickly would sell for $139.00 if it were marketed like other English language courses. However, we make it available for free downloading from our www.FreeEnglishNow.com website.

This is the new Spoken English Learned Quickly course for university and professional students. Other courses teach you to listen, speak, read, and write. Most of our students are professional and university students who have already spent many unproductive years learning to read and write English. Now they want to learn to speak fluent English. But when they study reading and writing using other courses, they must study using a computer or printed texts. Our students can use a computer to study Spoken English Learned Quickly, but even with a computer, they only study spoken English. But they can also study using only a Handheld, iPod™ or MP3 player. After all of their years of studying English using written ESL or EFL assignments, our students are finally able to spend all of their time learning to speak English. Why would they want to use a computer in order to study more written English assignments?